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Oakwoods Baptist Church was founded in November 1917 and continues the ministry of speading the good news about Jesus Christ. Following is a recap of our church history. . .

On Saturday night, November 17, 1917, a presbytery consisting of elders William Calloway Meadows, Milton McNeill, and W. S. Edwards met in the Oakwoods school building at Oakwoods, N.C., in Wilkes County for the purpose of organizing a Missionary Baptist Church.  Elder W. C. Meadows was elected moderator, and E. E. Linney, clerk. Devotional exercises were conducted by W. S. Edwards after which the presbytery was accepted by the brethren and sisters present.
Letters were received by the following applicants for membership: John Laws and wife, Sallie Jones Laws, William A. Ellis, Montie Carl Jones and wife, Pansy Meadows Jones, George G. Steelman, William T. Stroud and wife, Catherine Stroud, George T. Stroud, James T. Jones and Louise Valmore Foushee Jones.  All of these applicants were accepted by the presbytery after having been read by the clerk.  The confession of faith and the church covenant were then read and adopted.  After this the moderator declared the organization of the church complete.  A motion was carried to have this new organization named Oakwoods Baptist Church.  A charge was delivered by the moderator and the hand of fellowship extended by the presbytery.
A motion was made to receive R. S. Griswold and wife, Fannie S. Griswold, on condition that their letter be accepted later.  A motion was carried to have J. B. Ray preach to the church that Sunday morning, December 5, 1917.  R. S. Griswold was elected clerk and W. T. Stroud was elected elder.  The signed presbytery were as follows: W. C. Meadows, M. McNeill, W. S. Edwards and W. E. Linney on December 5, 1917.
W. E. Linney was called as the first pastor of the church and served until 1921.  During the year 1918 the church purchased a frame building, which had been used as a Presbyterian church on the main Oakwoods Road (almost in front of the church building now standing).  The building was moved to the present site. The amount  paid for the building was $100.00, which was given to the church by Rev. W. C. Meadows.  The lot of one acre was donated by Montie C. Jones and wife, Pansy M. Jones.
Mr. Irdell P. Anderson was elected as Sunday School superintendent, adult teacher and choir leader soon after the church was organized and served until 1950, a period of about 30 years. Mrs. Pansy M. Jones was first organist.

During the year 1925, an addition was added to the church and during the year 1950 another addition of eight classrooms was added.

On Friday night, November 13, 1936, the Oakwoods WMS was organized.  Rev. Avery Church helped the ladies to organize with Mrs. Olive from N. Wilkesboro Baptist and Mrs. Christian Cantor of Oakwoods Church. The WMS bought some books, the first communion table, helped needy families, and many other wondeful programs.

The Girls Auxiliary and Young Womens Auxiliary were both organized around 1940 with the help of Mrs. Christine Cantor and Miss Nora Laws.

Rev. Charlie Pool organized the Royal Ambassadors, having a large group of boys in the organization.

In 1955, a building committee of three members was appointed: Archie Anderson, Hazel Stroud, and Archie Ellis, to estimate the cost of a new building. The Brushy Mountain Associational Brotherhood was organized at Oakwoods Baptist Church by Rev. Frank Walker, it's mission being "The Friend, the Boy".

In 1958, Mr. Robert Ogilvie and sister, Mrs. Bessie Foster, gave to the church additional land to provide space for rebuilding and parking area. The church gave in exchange their old roadway.  At the June Meeting in 1958, Archie Anderson, chairman, reported plans and specfications were ready to be submitted to contractors for bids.  G. W. Vanmeter gave the lowest bid of $27, 251.43 which was accepted by the church.  A note and deed of trust for $20,000. was executed to Northwestern Bank.  The old building was torn down on Easter Monday, April 7, 1958.

January 1959, the church voted to purchase 28 pews at a price of $340.00 making the total price of purchase $30, 651.43.

On October 8, a dedication service, note burning and homecoming, led by Rev. Clate Brown, was held in celebration of the Golden Anniversary.  A new parking lot was completed, the auditorium was re-carpeted, new Sunday school furniture was purchased, and the church as a whole underwent a notable period of growth.

A pastorium was added to the church property in 1976, and the church opened for one half day during each week with the first secretary.

In 1980, a new educational building was started with a loan of $140,000.00.

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